Why do we breed? What's our goal? 


Some thoughts about our breeding:

Our main goal is to breed healthy Staffords, clear in mind with good character, friendly charisma and uncommon pedigree.

It takes us long long time to find the right stud dog for our bitches and to pair a perfect (for us) combination, no matter how far away the stud dog lives.



What's the right stud dog for us?

Well... it's not easy to explain... of course - no blue or blue carrier!!!

We try to avoid popular sires. It's not important for us to use a stud with hundreds of offspring or ten champion titles. It doesn't matter.

For us a good Stafford means not having champion titles or beeing used all around the world. Health and character are more important.
And if the dog also loves to work and does different kind of dogsports, then we appreciate it.


 Which requirements do we have for bitches before using one of our stud dogs?

First of all: NO blue bitches!

Then the bitch has to be health tested. The more, the better. We also ask to send us the results.

And of course, we also take a look at the pedigree.

If the bitch doesn't comply with our requirements, then we decline the mating.




What about health?

Our dogs are just breeding dogs, if they are healthy. Health issues doesn't mean to have floppy ears or little bit light eyes. NO.

For us health issues are HD C or worse, ED 2 or worse, ... L2 Hga & HC not clear, Eyes not clear,....

So would we breed with a dog with HD C? NO. Because it's not necessary - there are enough bitches and dogs with HD A or B.

If you ask a breeder why using a HD C (or D) bitch/dog - what will she/he answer? Try it ;)



How many litters a year? How many litters will a bitch have?

Well... it always depends on the amount of bitches in a kennel. A breeder with 10 or more bitches will have more litters a year then a small breeder with just one or two breeding bitches.

For us it's very important to give the bitch enough time between two litters. We usually breed our bitches every second year, instead of every year. Of course, it can be a bit shorter time in between, but for sure mor than one year.

IMG 2944

When are the puppies ready to leave?

Our puppies grow up with the whole pack. With 2 weeks they move to the big puppy pen. Between the age of 3 and 4 weeks they are already on puppy food (dry and fresh food) and are ready to play with the pack. Then mummys work is done and she can relax.

For us this is the best way to socialize the little furbabies. If possible we also try to arrange meetings with other dogs, also other breeds, so the puppies get to know more than our pack. So they get ready to leave to their new forever homes.

Normally with the age of 9 weeks the pups are ready to be picked up - put it depends on each individual. If we see the puppy needs one more week with the pack, we tell the owner and it stays a bit longer.

The pups leave with all vaccinations, EU pet passport, eye test, they are dewormed, have of course a FCI pedigree and get a big puppy package.



When can you choose your puppy?

Earliest with the age of 5 weeks. Why? Because we try to help the new owners as good as possible to choose the perfect puppy for them. And we live with them 24hours a day - so we know the puppies best.

We also want to take enough time to pick our keepers.

So if you are on the waiting list, and you reserved a puppy (male or female) you can be sure to get one of this litter, although it takes a few weeks. :)



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