Litter F




For this litter, which was planned long time ago, Brownie and I did a trip to Netherlands and made a short holiday!

All puppies are like we hoped for! They were born 10.07.2018.



Starlitebulls Ferrero Kuesschen


Aramis lives in Switzerland with a cute Stafford girl. His mummy is a dogtrainer, so he learns a lot.






Starlitebulls Fizzy Lizzy


Kenzi lives in Norway with a family of 3 and enjoys her life in the North.





Starlitebulls Freddo


Arvo lives in Switzerland too - his mummy is related to Aramis' family. :)





Starlitebulls Fruit Loop


Heidi lives with us @ Kennel Starlitebulls.
She is such a great and loving dog and is the next generation for our breeding.