Litter B




Our 2nd litter was born on 03.05.2014. It was my favorite combination and the puppies turned out as amazing as I was hoping for!



Starlitebulls Bad Moon Rising


Chase lives in Vienna together with
Milka (Starlitebulls Athene) and enjoys
his life.

As a junior I was showing him a lot and
he was very successful!




Starlitebulls Be My Baby


Lotte lives together with her doggy-friend and a
lovely family in Vienna.

She is often together with a bigger group of dogs
the day to play and go for walks together.




Starlitebulls Blue Velvet


Bambi lives long time with us, but then
our friends 2nd dog died and she wanted
to have a friend for Hektor (Starlitebulls
Cheveyo). She fell so in love with our 
pretty girl and after a while we decided
to let Bambi go.
And she has an amazing life now!



 IMG 0715

Starlitebulls Born Free


Diesel was sold to a young family in UK, but begin of
2017 they told me that they can't keep him anymore.

So we made a trip to UK and picked him up. As he
always was Martin's favourite, we decided to keep
him as long as all the health tests are very good.

And it was the best decision ever! He is a dream of
a Stafford! Beautyful, healthy, gentle, nice to every



 04 NicoleTrenker
Picture by Nicole Trenker

Starlitebulls Brown Eyed Girl


Bailey lives with her "daddy" in Vienna 
and has a wonderful life!

They are training a lot in Obedience and
also make competitions.

We are very proud of "our" working-Bailey!